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2011 Holiday Mix: Escape From The Moon

Greetings! Thank you for your interest in our latest full length release “Mouth – Escape From The Moon!” If you’re looking to grab a copy, you’re in the right place, just keep on scrolling.

We’re proud to say that this is the 3rd year in a row that we have put together a holiday album featuring one of the band’s favorite action-movie hero’s, Snake Plissken. Our general idea for our holiday releases has been to invent a sound-track to a movie we wished existed. We try to use the song titles, moods in the music, and cover artwork to tell the story. The entire story-line to date has been a three year running joke between Dan and Gunn.

If you want to dig deeper into the history of our “Escape From” holiday series, check out our discography (music) page and take a look at 2010 and 2009′s tracklist and artwork. If you send us an email and ask really nicely, we might even share our super-secret retro-active downloads with you.

The music featured on this year’s album is mostly improvised jammage from our 10/27/11 Live on KKFI 90.1FM radio broadcast. To mix things up we hid a few surprises on there including an old Jazzhaus favorite and a Smoking Elephant Remix. There are a few special guests on this year’s album as well, big thanks to Brandon Noone (DJ-Highnoone) for his scratch work & Matt Hill of The Floozies for his scrunch-face inducing key rippage.

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If you want to grab the album free & quickly, no worries. Just click the link below. We like to make our music available for free download because we believe in what we do and like to make our art available to anyone who might enjoy it. If you think you know someone who might get down with what we do, please send them a link to this download!

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Thank you for taking the time to download our 2011 holiday album, if you enjoy what you hear we ask that you donate a few bucks to our cause to help offset the cost of production and web-hosting.

We Need Some help! (Donations, links, etc)

From the very formation of this band, we have made the commitment to release nothing but the highest quality of media, and we have done so completely for free. We’re trying something new ladies and gentlemen… We’re releasing this album completely free via digital download like normal, but this time we’re also asking for small donations to help offset the cost of production. Why? We need money to grow. Even if it’s just a couple bucks, it really helps. When it comes to our music, we do everything ourselves. We play it, record it, mix it, package it, upload it, and post it. This allows us to minimize costs and to continue to bring fresh music to the table at no cost to the listener. If you’ve ever downloaded our music, grabbed one of our sampler CDs, been to a show, or just want to support what we do in the future, toss us a couple dollars when you download the album.

  • Small & Thoughtful ($1-$15) donations will be rewarded with a personal thank you letter & additional download links to 2 archived show recordings.
  • A Bit Bigger ($15-$75) donations will be rewarded with the above + VIP guest list access to shows and special events and an additional 2 archived show recordings.
  • Even Bigger ($75-$250) donations will be rewarded with the above + very rare 1st run merch items that we’ve been saving for special events.
  • The Most Biggest ($250+) donations will be rewarded a year’s worth of VIP passes, a private show (minus travel expenses), and/or an original compositions based around the donators input and suggestions.

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If you like what we do & are kind enough to throw us a little cash just enter the donation amount below. Even a few bucks helps, it’s the same as buying one of us a beer (which we also like). You will be prompted to download the album at the end of the process. THANKS!!!


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  1. Snake Gets The Call  (Pool side, Miami Sunrise)   8:45
  2. Stealth Mode Engaged  (Lunar Landing)   6:21
  3. Final Communiqué: Orders  (Dark Side Recon)   :40
  4. No Guns, No Light  (Guards Everywhere)   13:27
  5. ÜBERMAX Lock Down  (Shank Or Be Shanked)   5:52
  6. ÜBERMAX Confusion (Snake’s Quick Escape)   8:39
  7. Battle With Warden Armstrong  (Rover Chase)   4:44
  8. Get Out! She’s Gonna Blow!  (Moon Party I, & III)   15:11


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